About AppSmith

We forge custom software for businesses that are held back by manual systems; businesses trapped by a spreadsheet collapsing under it's own weight; and businesses gated by software that was developed for someone else.

We fashion more time for people, freeing them from mundane, repetitive tasks to do work that means more. We craft the right tools for the job, removing stress and uncertainty for your team; and sharpening a competitive advantage for you.

We can do that because we have years of experience across multiple industries, breaking down processes and reimagining them into beautiful, user-centred systems.

By combining people skills, a honed discovery process, creative skills and industry-leading technical skills, we will forge a software application so well balanced to your needs that you’ll ask yourself how you ran your business without it.


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Custom Software

We will channel your business processes and mould a custom-developed software application that your staff will love to use. We will design your software to be flexible, adding more modules as your business changes or expands.

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FileMaker Assistance

If you’ve started building your own FileMaker app but found yourself stuck or need a professional to take it to the next level, welcome to the FileMaker community. We're here to help.

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Rapid Development

We reduce risk and uncertainty by filing projects into smaller chunks. You will be able to track where the development is up to, and start to reap the benefits sooner.

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Stalled Projects

If you have a FileMaker project that has stalled or failed, we can pick it up and get it working fast.

Staff Profiles


Jim Dwyer

Jim loves going back to a client a few months after deployment to hear how it's making a difference to the organisation.

John P

John Pashley

John brings empathy, intuition and experience across many industries to craft solutions so magical that clients have called the result 'life-changing'.

John O

Caitlin Hickie

Caitlin's on a mission to save people who've been struggling for years with out-of-the-box systems. She loves it when clients say 'why didn't I think of that?'


Craig Bird

Craig's idea of a good day at work is one where he's challenged to grow his technical and interpersonal skills, which is everyday at AppSmith!


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